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Director Who?

15th February 2017 By Andrew McAleavey

Since the Trump Administration has come into office, those of us in the patent community have had to engage in a bit of Soviet-style Kremlinology: there’s been no word on who the USPTO Director or acting director is, the USPTO isn’t commenting, and we’re all-but reading tea leaves. Unfortunately for patent applicants, it matters.
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Are Patentability Searches Worth It?

4th September 2016 By Andrew McAleavey

The question of whether or not an invention is patentable is a fundamental one in patent law, and to answer that question, the patentability search and patentability opinion are basic services offered by all patent attorneys and agents. But are patentability searches and opinions worth it?
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Why Patent Drawings Still Matter

7th July 2015 By Andrew McAleavey

Rummaging through the millions of issued U.S. patents, it doesn’t take very long to find something that resonates: Edison’s earliest light bulb designs; the Slinky® toy; NASA’s Mercury space capsule; designs for early iPod® and iPhone® devices; even the first patent, for methods of making potash, signed by George Washington. America’s patent literature is rightly regarded as a part of our scientific and technological heritage, but patents have made an equally important, and almost entirely unheralded, contribution to American arts – a rich, artistic body of patent drawings with its own unique visual language. Read more…