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Andrew McAleavey

Registered Patent Agent

253879_10151354922140299_1153022514_nAndrew McAleavey is a registered patent agent with over fifteen years of experience procuring patents for clients all over the world. He holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and handles inventions ranging from tooling, consumer products, and medical devices to software, business methods, and plant biology.

Prior to PatentBest, Mr. McAleavey worked in national and international law firms and served for a time as a U.S. Patent Examiner. Before entering the patent field, Mr. McAleavey was a mechanical and materials test engineer with a University-affiliated government contractor.

View Andrew’s CV.

Chris Dobel

Technical Writer

Chris DobelChris Dobel is a technical writer currently training to take the USPTO’s registration examination. He is completing a degree in Geology, and has a passion for the Earth and natural sciences.  His recent academic work includes a geological expedition to Sardinia and a local research project involving the sounding of Bay Area fault lines.  Since joining PatentBest, he has worked with and written about a wide variety of mechanical and electromechanical technologies.

Beyond patents, Chris brings a diverse set of talents as a multi-instrumental musician, songwriter, and performer. A world traveler, he has spent significant time abroad, particularly in Central America and Europe, and is a bilingual Spanish speaker.